Is worker health & safety your top priority?

Hazards in the workplace can appear in different sizes, shapes and forms.

Everyone in the workplace must participate to minimize workers’ exposure to occupational hazards. Employers and employees must work together and take due diligence to recognize and understand known hazards in the workplace, as well as, implement policies and procedures to mitigate potential hazards.


Infectious Disease Prevention & Control Toolbox



Acknowledge infectious diseases are biological hazards workers can be exposed to in any workplace, and assess the risk of exposure to known biological hazards.


Comprehend the general nature of infectious diseases; the root cause, modes of transmission, and impact to human health.


Incorporate measures from the hierarchy of controls to minimize the potential risk of occupational exposure.

Take Action

Has a risk assessment been conducted in your workplace to assess the probability of infectious disease exposures?

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Do you know what is needed to properly clean and disinfect a surface?

Test Your Knowledge

Looking for a fun and interactive way to test your team’s knowledge on infectious diseases?

Resource Links

FoodKeeper App

Provides guidelines for food and beverages storage.

Bad Bugs Book

Handbook on foodborne pathogens and natural toxins.


Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network. Tracks trends for common foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety Plan Builder

Assists food facility owners/operators with developing a food safety plan specific to their facility.

List N Tool

Provides a list of disinfectants EPA has approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). For use on surfaces only.

List Q Tool

EPA provides guidance on disinfectant for Emerging Viral Pathogens. This includes (but not limited to) pathogens such as Mpox virus, Ebola virus, and Marburg virus.

Whistleblower Protections

Provides an overview of OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program and how it protects workers from workplace retaliation.

Acknowledgement: IDPAC toolbox funded by OSHA grant SH-36983-HA1